Ticketing and Fees

ChillOut will be using TryBooking for all event ticketing for 2017

Transaction fees and commission

TryBooking will take the credit card fees of 2.1% and then will add a .30c fee on each ticket which the punter pays. ChillOut will retain $2.50 per ticket sold. This applies to tickets sold both through our website and on the door.  Please add this fee to your final ticket cost. Ticket reconciliations will be required post event.


  • Ticket Price -  $20
  • CC Fee - (2.1% of $20) - .42c
  • ChillOut ticketing fee - $2.50
  • You get - $17.08

Registration Fees 

There are two fee groups, one for enterprise events and one for community events. Enterprise events are those organised by a commercial venue (such as a pub, hotel, cafe or gallery). Community events are those produced by an organisation or individual with a not-for-profit status (such as neighbourhood houses, sporting clubs and associations).

All registered events pay firstly for a listing, then have the option of further promoting your event with a display ad.

  • Enterprise ticketed event
    $95 (plus GST) for a listing
  • Enterprise free event
    $205 (plus GST) for a listing 
  • Community ticketed or free event – not for profit or charity
    $55 (plus GST) for a listing

Program advertising for registered events

To make the most of your event it is advisable to take out a full colour large add in our program guide.

All display ads also are included on the website as a banner ad, and will be included on ChillOut newsletters and social media.

Ad Type Event Type Example
Full Page
180mm x 264mm
 $900 View size
Half Page Horizontal
180mm x 130mm
$540 View size
Half Page Vertical
88mm x 264mm
$540 View size
Quarter Page Vertical
88mm x 130mm
$220 View size
Quarter Page Horizontal
180mm x 63mm
$220 View size