Parade Participation Requirements

  1. ChillOut is dedicated to deliver a positive celebration of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender pride within the unique setting of Hepburn Shire.  All parade entries should reflect this purpose – negative images will not be permitted and ChillOut reserves the right to withdraw your permission to participate at any time.
  2. Participants will be required to provide a copy of their public liability Insurance cover. If you do not have public liability insurance, there is an extra cost of $30 for listing with ChillOut insurance.
  3. Parade participants should be supportive of the Purpose and Values of ChillOut and our ‘Play Safe Policy’ (see below).
  4. Check our Facebook page for our theme for 2017.
  5. ChillOut is a community event and parade entrants are required to be non-commercial in nature. Recognition of business sponsors is permitted but must be of limited size. Please contact ChillOut if you need to check.
  6. The maximum dimensions of a parade entry are 2.4m wide and 4m high. Vehicles (if used) must be no more than 4m in length.
  7. Vehicles (if used) must be registered and insured and operated by an appropriate licensed driver. Please ensure your vehicle has a full tank of fuel, its number plates are visible, tyres are inflated and the vehicle is roadworthy.
  8. Laws relating to the use of public space, car registration, driving under the influence, the consumption of alcohol and other drugs all remain in place during the Parade. Police and ChillOut officials are on high alert for dangerous or illegal behaviour. Consider the law, and consider the safety of those around you.
  9. The following items are not allowed on the Parade Route or start area: fire, open flames, pyrotechnics (fireworks), flares, fire batons, fire breathing, sparklers, sparks, welding, weapons or imitation weapons, hazardous or flammable goods and goods prohibited by law.  As the day of the parade may be declared as a total fire ban day, no naked flames or spark-producing equipment are permitted.
  10. ChillOut Street Parade is a public event and open to children. Your parade entry should be suitable for people of all ages.