Registered Event Terms and Conditions


Event concept

  • The event falls within the Festival dates: 8 - 18 March 2018 (or close)
  • The event fits in with the festival aims
  • The event is new and unique to the Festival program
  • The event represents good value for money
  • The event is focusing on the core strengths of the event organiser/venue
  • A single event should not be repeated more than four times over the Festival period, unless agreed with ChillOut Festival.

Event sales and marketing

  • The event organiser must be proactive in promoting and marketing their event beyond the Festival promotional activity.
  • The event organiser agrees to display ChillOut Festival collateral provided by ChillOut Festival during their event.
  • The event organiser agrees that the event will have a formal introduction which recognises the event as part of the ChillOut Festival 2017 celebrations.

Event delivery

  • The event delivers a festive environment celebrating what is special and unique about our diverse culture.
  • The event celebrates hospitality and professionalism – with a quality product and service experience.